A marvel may make one wonder. A marvel may make one perplexed. A marvel may unravel a disobedient fiber. :)

Marvels for a Wednesday Dawn: If

To give the humanity a little action
the male seems prone to forget own satisfaction;
Napoleon would be a most outstanding example
of a personality vigorous yet not as ample
as to the verdict of his contemporaries adhere;
alas, insufficient was also his historical zeal.


Evolution as the world knows it

A wise guy with a smart one came together to conclude
what might have made to man’s evolution the prelude:
would the glibness of the species have been devolved
from another mundanity as voluble as resolved?
Would infinite or unfinished things sublunary go
hinging on a plain vanilla order in a bordereau?


Crabbed age as after another poet

Unlike become the zests
In one hull to live together:
Begun a craving in the cradle
At the age of minority to mither
To parry the yoke – once aware
Sad yet to reach the end of the tether
Trifling free all age to blither
With aversion livid, all age aglare.


Job’s tear

This is Me
beneath the dusk ray,
hid in the lea,
the moth might not nither
the nethermore nest;
the noonday darkness
belongs with the beholding eye—


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