The language spring here brings poetry, grammar, and linguistics. Book icons link to sites showing the works.

Crabbed age as after another poet

Unlike become the zests
In one hull to live together:
Begun a craving in the cradle
At the age of minority to mither
To parry the yoke – once aware
Sad yet to reach the end of the tether
Trifling free, all age to blither
With aversion livid, all age aglare.

Translation ad

Translation: Threnody the 8th

Ruthless the empties you did to my abode,
Dear Orsula mine, with this disappearing yours.
We are plenty, and there is as none:
A wealth ceased with a baby soul one.
You said all and you sang all
Your tiptoe every corner in the home …

Aspect mapping

Inside the grammar course

New grammar ideas: aspect mapping

Forbidden progress with love: try dynamic language mapping ;)

Dynamic language mapping

View and scroll

Open scrollRole of Feedback logo

The Role of Feedback in Language Processing

The Project

Mindset logoWe cannot be limited to basic levels of skill, in language work. Language skill is a faculty of the brain entire, rather than an effectuation of two specialized areas of Broca and Wernicke only. More …

The Grammar mindset

The Role of Feedback

Human nervous systems have been evidenced to use inner, biological feedback already at the level of the single cell. We can think about the inner feedback on an example. Even if consciously wearing headphones, most humans reflexly raise voices to speak, unless exercised not to do so. Speaking loud is an intuitive way to compensate for a limitation in auditory feedback. More …


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