The language spring here brings poetry, grammar, and linguistics.

Crabbed age as after another poet

Unlike become the zests

In one hull to live together:

Begun a craving in the cradle

At the age of minority to mither

To parry the yoke – once aware

Sad yet to reach the end of the tether

Trifling free, all age to blither

With aversion livid, all age aglare.

___Teresa Pelka translation and linguistics

Translation: Threnody the 8th

Ruthless the empties you did to my abode,

Dear Orsula mine, with this disappearing yours.

We are plenty, and there is as none:

A wealth ceased with a baby soul one.

You said all and you sang all

Your tiptoe every corner in the home …


Language Mapping, a walk-through

To an extent, all grammar books are stories. There are no two people with identical language faculties. Travel in Grammar is my real grammar story. I hope it can become your good friend, too.


Cognitive variables can help learn

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